SERVICES corporate skin cancer screening

Workforce skin ill health is a corporate human resource issue with direct effects on productivity.

Work related development of skin cancer is becoming a significant concern to employers with a now increasing compensation claims incidence.

Our corporate skin cancer screening programs reduce skin cancer associated absenteeism and promote improved workforce morale.

There is an increased risk of skin cancer development with increasing age in the 45 yrs and beyond age groups.

Our corporate skin cancer strategies identify and manage risks for those more experienced workforce members.

We focus on identification of current skin cancer status and strategies for reduction of future skin cancer ill health.

To discuss arrangements for screening for your staff please contact us.

At a corporate skin cancer assessment lifestyle, family and personal skin histories are recorded by our nurse prior to the doctor’s physical examination and assessment.

The doctor makes a head to toe full skin examination including a dermoscopic (skin surface microscopy) examination. Suspicious lesions detected undergo HD digital recording and any appropriate diagnostic skin ultrasound imaging. A summation of all findings is discussed with the employee including any treatment or referral for specialist care which may be considered to be beneficial.

We educate your workforce in skin cancer preventative health measures and tailor their beneficial personal lifestyle changes on an individual basis.

A personalised skin health report encourages your employees to take responsibility for their own skin health and encourages them to undertake skin cancer preventative measures.

The results of all skin examinations and any clinical photographic investigation shall of course remain confidential to the patient (your employee) with no report furnished to you the employer.

A de-identified statistical summary of the total clinical diagnoses for any employee cohort screened shall be made available to employers upon completion of a corporate screening project.

Corporate workforce skin cancer screening offers an opportunity to employers to provide a significant health benefit to their workforce.

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