services head to toe full skin examination

Head to toe full skin examinations are booked for 20 minute appointments with the doctor.

Appropriate history taking, discussion of a patient’s skin cancer status and risk factors and any considered advisable skin cancer management strategies are addressed.

Patients are asked to not present for full skin examination with fake tan or sunburn or wearing makeup as all these interfere with proper skin examination.

Prior to your appointment please have a family member or friend check your scalp using a hairdryer to blow aside hair.

Please note any skin lesions found on the scalp and bring these to the doctor’s attention.

Full skin exams are conducted with patients wearing only their underwear.

Patients are asked to wear plain, neutral coloured underwear for optimum photographic conditions should clinical photography be required.

A modesty gown and sheet are provided for patient’s comfort. A female chaperone is present at all full skin examinations.

Our head to toe full skin examinations are supplemented with the use of high resolution Canon DSLR digital dermoscopy skin surface microscope imaging which can magnify skin lesion features to provide detailed specific information on lesion structure and any likelihood for malignancy.

Where indicated during a full skin examination we use high frequency diagnostic skin ultrasound to give vertical cross sectional images of suspicious skin lesions.

Non invasive pain-free high frequency diagnostic skin ultrasound can accurately measure skin tumour thickness and can determine which lesions warrant biopsy sampling.

Depending upon a patient’s risk factors or clinical findings at full skin examination patients may be then offered Total Body Photography (TBP) services.

Such TBP services shall be booked as a separate appointment at a later date.

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