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Early detection and treatment of skin cancers will result in a cure in the majority of cases.

Our skin cancer surveillance protocols promote early detection and diagnosis.

Malignant Melanomas always require surgical excision. No other treatment is appropriate for Melanoma.

For non melanoma skin cancer the type of tumour, site, size and stage of its development will influence the choice of treatment.

We use high resolution diagnostic skin ultrasound to determine which skin lesions warrant biopsy.

Skin ultrasound measures the depth and extent of skin cancers which may assist in the choice of appropriate treatment.

Dependent upon skin cancer diagnosis (confirmed at biopsy) various non surgical treatment options are also available at the practice:

liquid nitrogen cryotherapy, Efudix and Imiquimod creams.

The doctor will discuss the most appropriate treatment for any particular skin cancer diagnosis with you.

We perform skin biopsies and surgical excision skin cancer removal in our custom built minor operating theatre under local anaesthetic.
We refer patients for specialised plastic surgery and MOH’s serial surgical clearance and repair in cases beyond the scope of our primary care surgical protocols.

Follow up and subsequent management depends on the type of tumour and the nature of the treatment necessary.

The doctor will advise you if you have had one skin cancer that you may get others and that regular review of your skin is advisable.

Information on skin cancer:

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