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Every year more than 10,500 people in Australia develop melanoma.

When detected and diagnosed early, melanoma is readily cured surgically.

Total Body Photography (TBP) is an important tool for the early detection of melanoma in high risk patients.

Leading medical centres and dermatologists worldwide employ TBP to aid in the early detection of melanoma.

TBP is recommended for the optimum skin surveillance of high risk patient groups:

  • personal history melanoma
  • family history melanoma
  • personal history multiple dysplastic (abnormal) moles
  • family history multiple dysplastic (abnormal) moles
  • multiple ( > 50 ) moles
  • those developing new moles
  • history multiple non melanotic skin cancers
  • taking immunosuppressant therapy for various conditions
  • TBP is one of the best ways to document the current clinical appearance of moles as a baseline resource for future reference.
  • We perform TBP using the CANFIELD IntelliStudio™ system from USA.

A portfolio of 25 standardised pose high resolution digital SLR camera images is recorded which help you and your regular physician monitor changes in existing moles and detect the presence of new moles, to aid in the screening for melanoma into the future.

TBP is conducted with patients wearing neutral coloured plain underwear. A modesty gown and sheet are provided for patient’s comfort. Our female clinical photographer is happy for patients to be accompanied by their own chaperone / companion.

Your supplied interactive navigable BODY MAP VIEWER CD provides a high resolution on screen zoom enabled digital reference atlas against which to perform skin self examinations.

The appearance of your moles can be compared at any time with your baseline TBP photos during your monthly self examination and on follow-up visits with your regular physician.

We will provide you with instructions for the effective use of your CD and optional album.

This form of screening can reveal subtle changes in moles that may be indicative of melanoma in its earliest and most curable phase.

TBP may also prevent unnecessary biopsies of moles that have not changed when compared to the baseline photos.

TBP does not require to be performed annually. For most patients TBP is a once in a lifetime process. TBP may be considered every 5 years for very high risk patients.


TBP session with interactive Body Map Viewer CD – $220.00

Contains your digital TBP images in a password-protected stand alone Body Map Viewer application providing easy navigation and magnification for detailed review of your photos.

At no extra cost a Body Map Viewer CD is also supplied for use by your regular physician.

We request payment at the time services are rendered and accept VISA, MasterCard and cash. We regret that personal cheques are not accepted.

Medicare does not reimburse Total Body Photography fees

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